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Pear Dark Balsamic Vinegar, 250 ML.


Pear Dark Balsamic Vinegar, 250 ML.





Pear in Dark Balsamic Vinegar

The first mention of the pear is found in Homers (9th century BC) epic poem, The Odyssey, confirming that the pear was cultivated in Greece as early as three thousand years ago. The first pear tree was planted in America in 1620 and we've been finding ways to enjoy the taste ever since. You've had them fresh, cooked, spiced, fermented, dried, as a wine or even grown in a bottle smothered by brandy. Now we're proud to bring them to you in our 25 Star Dark Balsamic, you'll never want them any other way! A classic flavor profile that is the perfect accomplice to any and all of your favorite food festivities.

25 Star Quality

 The true artisan quality product from centuries old recipes.  The vinegar is aged in small barrels under the traditional methods with strict controls.  It reaches a perfect balance of aroma and flavor when fully mature.  

Tasting Note:

(Modena Vinegars MV001)

Dark as night with a heavenly thick consistency and a sweet, pungent taste that delights all the senses. 

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