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Chilean Arbequina Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 375 ML.


Chilean Arbequina Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 375 ML.


Perfect for preparing morning fried eggs, baking breads, topping off your favorite fresh garden vegetables, slathering on roasted corn on the cob or drizzling over pasta dishes.

Tasting Notes: Buttery, fruity aroma and smooth mild flavor with a pleasant bitter sensation on the tongue.

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Acidity: 0.17 | Crop: November 2014 | Polyphenol: 240

Rich soil, abundant sun and moderated winters, California Central Valley is famous for its abundant agricultural crops and has become a destination for lovers of Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

This Italian heritage family has been producing premier quality EVOO for generations. The combination of their heritage and the perfect California landscape inspired this family to become one of the top producers in America.

Situated on the alluvial fans of the Lodi region, Arbequina olives are tended to by state of the art technology. Using specially designed over-the-row olive harvesters they are able to cleanly pick the crop at ideal maturity, transport fresh olives to their mill and immediately process bringing a beautifully balanced fresh buttery extra virgin olive oil to the market.

Tasting Note:

Buttery, delightfully smooth taste profile, with a soft peppery finish. Fresh fruit aroma, golden color.

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