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Lavender | Spice of the month - August 2014

As some of our more frequent readers may have noticed, we have begun a new feature: the spice of the month. In the spirit of summer our spice of the month for August 2014 was lavender.  Each month we will feature a different spice, herb, or blend of the month, along with recipes and uses for this spice. We will end the month with a post featuring information about the spice as well as even more recipes and uses. Ready for our first official Spice of the Month?...Good! Because here we go!

Lavender - Spice of the Month August 2014

Lavender - Spice of the Month August 2014

About this Spice:

Lavender is believed to have originated in the the Mediterranean, Middle East and India over 2500 years ago. Lavender comes from the Latin ‘lavare’ meaning ‘to wash” and was used by the Romans for medicinal purposes as well as to scent their baths, beds, clothes, hair and more. Today Lavender is grown all across the world including Europe, the Mediterranean, Middle East, India, Australia, New Zealand, North and South America.

Recommended Uses:

Lavender is a very versatile spice as can be used for medicinal, therapeutic, sanitary, and culinary practices. We recommend using dried lavender to scent laundry or freshen the air in any room.  When cooking, lavender can be used to add a floral and slightly sweet taste to any salad, soup, meat, dessert, cheese, or baked good. Lavender is also a key ingredient in herbs de provence, to help capture the signature flavors of the south of France.

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